Visions and Objectives

God has a vision—a vision of a redeemed world. Grenada Foursquare Bible Institute is part of that vision—to equip and send trained, qualified, people to reach and serve individuals in their communities, bring changes, and prepare for global outreach with the Good News. Sharing the Gospel with the world is our highest priority. To capture this vision to reach into every man’s world, we can help train you to reap and nurture the harvest of souls for God’s Kingdom.

  • Spiritual

    GFBI’s principal objective is a spiritual one. Its total program is designed to build Christian leaders who work from strong foundations with depth in Jesus Christ and in the Word of God. (Ephesians 2:18-22).

  • Educational

    GFBI’s educational objective is to incorporate principles adherent to strong spiritual characteristics of this institution of higher Biblical and ministry learning. (Eph. 6:5-7).

  • Vocational

    GFBI seeks to empower individuals with rich spiritual and ministerial balance to enable them to lead men and women into deep experiences and understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit, maintaining the doctrinal position set forth by The Foursquare Church. (II Timothy 1:9; Matthew 20:26-28).

  • Standards for Leaders

    GFBI’s objectives differ from average institutions of higher learning for it encompasses only one truth—God’s Word and its ultimate goal towards World Evangelism!! Preparation and training boasts sound Scriptural principle (II Timothy 2:15) that will greatly increase the measure of one’s personal effectiveness. Leadership ability is important in ministry for the individual, pastor, teacher, missionary, evangelist or lay minister. Aptitude to study the Word and to prayerfully seek His guidance will equip individuals and give increased insight into the Scripture thus enabling them to minister spiritual truths to mankind.

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