Code of Ethics - Punctuality and Regularity—Regular and punctual attendance is essential for satisfactory completion of the course. All students must be on time for both chapel attendance and classroom sessions.

Students who miss five (5) class sessions will be considered to have failed the course. The Dean of Students will remain open to review absences on a case-by-case basis and the outcome will be based on its own merit.


 Decorum - (Ethics) Students will be expected to adhere to the spiritual and academic standards of GFBI and to conduct themselves with high moral and ethical standards demanded of a born-again spirit-filled believer.


 Examinations - Students are to report promptly, and on time, on the day for which examinations have been scheduled. If a student fails to write exams on the specified day, he/she will be fined a fee and will be required to comply with the instructor’s stipulations for writing of the exam at a later date.

Students who miss examinations must provide a valid written excuse and will be considered to have failed the course, unless otherwise determined by the lecturer


The Institute holds graduation exercises in the school year that all courses have been completed


Students beginning their course of study during the third semester will fall into the following year of graduation


The ministry practicums include: VBS, Church Ministry, Evangelism and Sunday School Teaching


A scholarship program exists.  Students eligible to apply will have satisfactorily completed two full terms of study and achieved a GPA  of 3:00 and above.


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