Admission Policy

GFBI admits students whose character, interests, and abilities line up with those of its Institution. Our admissions criteria is necessarily linked to the ultimate purpose of the Institute. We seek to attract individuals whose primary goal is to serve the Lord and be equipped for His service. The application procedure is designed to determine prospective individuals’ readiness to attend Bible Institute. This is vital in ensuring a perfect match between the individual and the learning Institution.


Prospective students are required to complete the Application for Admission, and return it together with a one-time, non-refundable fee for processing. The Minister’s Recommendation and Personal Recommendation is required to complete the applicant’s file. The Institute may also have other admission requirements that will complement the uniqueness of its program, i.e, Honor Code. A confidential file will be created for each student and will remain the custody of GFBI. The school will communicate in writing to each student concerning acceptance or denial into the program.

  • Application Form

  • Recent Passport-sized Photo (Driver’s or ID Card)

  • Transcripts of prior studies (If any)

  • Minister’s Recommendation

  • Personal Recommendation

  • Signed Honor Code (On day of Orientation)

  • Application Fee of $25.00 (Non-Refundable)

It is recommended that individuals desirous of attending GFBI be at least eighteen (18) of age.

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