We welcome a visit from you at any of our locations:

In St. Andrew’s—

The Paradise Church is actually now located in Paradise, on the cusp of Paradise and Dunfermline. If you get to Sam’s Inn you have gone too far, double back a couple hundred yards and you will find us on the left on the first corner.

Our Parent Church family has lots of room to welcome you in their new building. Not hard to find…less than a half-mile from the Moyah Bridge on the left. Keep your eyes peeled for the bright red roof.  If you get to Tivoli, you have gone too far …do come back!

St. David’s Foursquare is located about a quarter mile from Red Gate roundabout on the way to Grenville.  You will see a purple building for block making plants on your left.  If you get to the Day Care Centre on the left you have gone too far. Please double back a few yards.  

Give Pastor Joe a call to ensure you don’t miss them. Phone 416-5332


By phone you can reach us at 473.442.5983 and 473.417.2638/417-5332

By email: fmicaribbean@yahoo.com

Upcoming Events

26 Sep 2020n07:00AM - 12:00PMnOpen Market/ Fundraiser - Paradise Church
27 Sep 2020n09:00AM - 10:00AMnKids and Adult Sunday School
04 Oct 2020n12:00AMnCommunion Sunday
04 Oct 2020n09:00AM - 10:00AMnKids and Adult Sunday School
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