David & Nancy Stone, Caribbean Area Missionaries


David & Nancy Stone serve as Missionaries over the Caribbean region.  They have served in ministry for several years.  In 2005, Foursquare Missions International appointed them as area missionaries to the Caribbean. The Stones reside in Puerto Rico and plays a dynamic leadership role in the ministry in Grenada.  Dave Stone also serves on the Board of Directors for the Grenada Foursquare Church.



Jacque Antoine, Grenada


Jacque Antoine joined the staff of Foursquare Missions International in June 2001. In February 2003 she was deployed to serve as a missionary to the Eastern Caribbean. Jacque resides in Grenada. Jacque serves on the Board of Directors for the Grenada Foursquare Church.  She has also been appointed to serve as one of the Presbyters with the Barbados Foursquare Church. 



Joseph & Joycelyn George, Pastors - St. David's Foursquare Church



Joseph and Joycelyn George joined the Foursquare ministry in 2010.  They served as Assisting Ministers in the Conference Church. In 2012 they began studies with the Grenada Foursquare Bible Institute.  During this period they were commissioned to plant a church in, St. David’s.  This church, truly a house of praise, was established in December 2012 and is active and growing.  Rev. Joe is Secretary to the Board of Directors and also serves in the capacity of Church Ministries Overseer. Joe and Joycelyn spearhead the ministry’s monthly leadership meetings and bi-annual conferences.


Oliver Williams

Oliver Williams has faithfully served the Foursquare ministry since 2004.  He has served as a Senior Pastor with the International Pentecostal Assembly (IPA) for more than thirty years and oversees the ministry at the IPA Apres Toute Church in St. David’s.  He serves as a Foursquare Board Member and has also served as a Lecturer at the Foursquare Bible Institute for more than seven years. He is a church planter, evangelist and mentor.


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