The First Foursquare Church in Grenada

Paradise Foursquare Church                                                                              Conference Foursquare Church

As the Lord will have it, for the initial stages to commence building the first Foursquare Church in Grenada, Pastors John & Kathy Arthur and a team of eager builders from Tulsa First Foursquare Church, Oklahoma, arrived and immediately set about helping with excavation, laying down lines, and just being a great support to our local builders and church family. Grenada Foursquare Church was on its way to settling into its first home…praise the Lord!

Words are not enough to express thanks to our many North American pastors, leaders, and team members who not only prayed but came and selflessly joined us in the building program, leadership growth and development, evangelism, medical mission, and construction.  

The Lord also laid the need for support on the hearts of other dear friends of the ministry who gave liberally towards the construction and completion of both Conference and Paradise churches.  

Because of this love and outpouring our buildings progressed at a fairly rapid pace.  

Glory be to God for what He has done.  

Our Third Church is now Situated in the St. David's area.

From St. George’s, travel past Red Gate going towards Grenville. 

The church is located a few hundred yards away. It is on the downstairs of a block-making plant—very easy to see by our sign. 

For more specific directions, please call the church at 416-5332 for times of services and other events.


For a more in-depth view of supporters visit the ‘PARTNERSHIP’ section.




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